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A limited edition artbook written and designed by Remko Koopman and KBTR, published in 2012 by

Studio Booyabase (ISBN 978-90-815865-0-4).


In 2006 gnome-like characters with a white beard and a red hat began to popup in the streets of Utrecht. By 2011 the street artist known as KBTR (De Utrechtse Kabouter) turned into a phenomenon with a huge amount of fans and followers. In cooperation with graphic designer Remko Koopman, KBTR made a selection of his work and the duo began working on a unique limited edition artbook containing photos, sketches, stickers and a numbered silkscreen print. All books are numbered and include a hand drawn ‘bierviltjes’ with an original pen-drawing made by KBTR himself. Each book contains a different drawing.

“I’ve tried my best to select a complete overview of my work but I see this book more as an artproject, not so much as a historical document.” – KBTR