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A book written and designed by Remko Koopman, published in 2008 by Stadsuitgeverij Amsterdam in cooperation with

Studio Booyabase (ISBN 978-90-5366-110-9).



De Leidse School tells the story of the rise and development of graffiticulture in the Dutch city Leiden in the 80’s and 90’s. The small city Leiden is located between Amsterdam and The Hague and is famous for birthing master painter Rembrandt. Leiden was also the ground base for some of Hollands most famous graffiti artists and crews such as ZEDZ, DAYS, YALT, EL SORE, HATER, MOON, SCAGE, HORK, JAIYSIC (a.k.a. THE CHAIRMAN), Dope Style Kings (DSK), Mad Posse (MP) and Leiden Hardcore (LHC). The book shows an unique collection of photos and sketches direct from the ‘blackbooks’ of the artists. It highlights the glory days of subway graffiti in Amsterdam and the ‘trainbombing scene’ of the mid ’90’s in which Leiden writers played an important role. The book ends with the infiltration of graffiti and streetart in museums and galleries.

“Graffiti related art is steadely becoming more high-end now that it is shown in famous galleries and museums around the world. This is a process I hope I can add value to through my work as an artist.” – ZEDZ