Remko Koopman is an artist from Leiden, Holland. He began writing graffiti in 1988 using the moniker Scage. Graffiti and Street Art would turn out to be his passion for the next 25 years. Actively by painting pieces and murals in public space. Passively by documenting the history of Dutch graffiti in book publications. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague in 1998, Koopman started working as a graphic designer. He switched to making autonomous fine art in 2007. Together with artist Tamme de Boer from Zwolle he founded art collective Booyabase (named after the French fish soup Bouillabaisse). A tribute to the Beastie Boys’s song B-Boy Bouillabaisse with its eclectic mix of styles.

Koopman and De Boer combined the craftsmanship of graffiti with new techniques, to create a substantially lucid visual language. A style the duo called Retrofuturistic Industrial. The two artists work together in ‘freestyle modus’. Which means on the spot improvising (like playing ‘Free Jazz’). Most of the time no preparation sketches are made.

As for his solo work, Koopman’s drawings show a complex mash-up between organic structures and mechanical compounds. Living materials infused with non-organic elements. His paintings are characterized by striking futuristic images often including graphic shapes and a modern reinterpretation of Clair-obscur. A signature personal style was created by fusing elements of industrial architecture, technology, machinery, biological drawings and science fiction.


Remko Koopman De Nobel